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Zamira Norova


Zamira started her career writing PHP code. She then tried Java and finally settled on Ruby, joining our team as a support engineer. Now she became a part of the development team and a very vocal supporter of TDD.

Ildar Yulanov


Ildar taught himself Ruby and Rails while working in tech support. He enjoys Ruby, JavaScript, and practicing code katas.

Andrey Studinskiy


Andrey loves web-development, environment provisioning, and building web applications to automate environment provisioning. Having keen interest in functional programming, he enjoys discussing his tinkering with different flavors of Lisp.

Alexey Sokolov


Alexey Sokolov has been coding since the golden days of his childhood, with experience in C++, Java, and front-end stack. When he is not programming microcontrollers, you can find him developing OpenSource libraries.

Denis Peplin


Denis started his career as a system administrator, gradually shifting to the world of web-based development thanks to Perl and PostgreSQL. After he got his first taste of Ruby on Rails, he never looked back.

Nikolay Norkin


Nikolay is a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer. He loves clean code, exploring Moscow streets and playing ukulele.

Dmitriy Nechayev


Dmitriy started developing for the web in 2007 using PHP. He moved to the Rails world very soon and has never regretted it. His love for preciseness and exact wording eventually led him to mentoring his junior colleagues and managing the hiring process.

Dmitriy Matievskiy


Dmitriy is always ready to get into the midst of complex data and emerge victorious with a complete and detailed analysis. He usually goes to the gym afterwards and lifts weights to clear his mind for another deep dive.

Linara Adylova


After graduating with a first-class honors degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Linara jumped into the world of web development. Her career has spanned quality assurance, system administration and full-stack development.

Andrey Lepeshkin


Andrey is passionate about software design patterns and clean object-oriented design. He is either writing code following the said principles, or refactoring it to achieve the higher state of beauty.

Ivan Kuznetsov


Ivan started off his professional career as a front-end developer and quickly shifted to the full-stack development. He is passionate about BDD, complete code coverage, and great user interfaces.

Eugene Karpenko


Eugene is a Ruby programmer. He has been working with Rails since 2010. Being a fishing enthusiast, he often returns from the river banks with a solution to the current problems.

Eugene Gavrilov


Having written Delphi, C++, and Java code, Eugene fell in love with Ruby and channeled his passion into building great products. Eugene enjoys spending time with his family, working with wood, metal, and building stuff with his hands.

Alexandr Gaidosh


Alexandr is passionate about diving into the very heart of languages and technologies. When he is not writing code, you can find him studying the best software practices.

Sergey Avanesov


Sergey is an experienced developer with a penchant for developing in the financial domain. He enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and playing lead guitar in a band.


Nick Ostrovsky


Nick has been in the business of designing and building user interfaces for the web since the nineties. Nowadays he uses his UI skills to build polished full-stack applications. Apart from coding, he just loves talking about philosophical ideas and asking paradox questions.

It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you don't stop

Andrew Klimenko


Andrew is an art director and graphic designer with 15 years of experience. He has worked with some great clients, including X5 Retail Group, Disney, Gazprom Neft, Sberbank, Nestle Russia, Russian Railways, Russian Olympic Committee, Kaspersky Lab., Renaissance Credit, Pepsico Russia, Velle, etc. He is focused on brand identity for the web since nineties.


Pavel Tkachev

Support Engineer

Pavel has been developing for five years before joining 7Pikes as a support engineer. He solves complex problems with a grin and is the life of the party.

Alexandra Sapovskaya

Support Engineer

Alexandra has worked in the marketing world and deployed CAD systems before joining our support team. Her diverse experience and passion for getting to the very core of the problems helps in making our customers happy.

Roman Chernykh

Support Lead

Roman uses his soft skills and his Rails chops to lead our support team and ensure customer satisfaction. When not solving customer problems, he can be found in a bar enjoying craft beers.

Yason Mogutin

Support Engineer

Being a meticulous bane of bugs, Yason is a part of our support team. He loves going on pub crawls with his friends after a long day of work and trade stories from the trenches.

Mansur Muzaffarov

Support Engineer

Mansur has been passionate about programming since his school days. He enjoys playing with clever Ruby hacks and improving his software design skills.


Alexey Zagarin


Alexey co-founded 7Pikes, providing technical leadership to the company. He has been working with hardware and coding since the 90’s, and has been a Ruby on Rails enthusiast since 2007.

Maria Sukhanova


A combination of humanitarian and technical education helps Maria to keep things under control.

Vitalii Riabko

QATest Management

Started as a Junior Test Engeneer in Acronis more then 10 years ago, he has wide experience in different teams with different methodologies and projects. After work with Capgemini, he’s experienced TMap NEXT testing with philosophy of Business-driven Test Mangement and now can make all possible for your business to achieve fast and valued results (in R&D, of course).

Evgeny Pavlov


Having a PhD in digital image processing, Eugene joined 7Pikes to bring his analytical and organizational skills to the company. Eugene mentors company employees, consults our clients and oversees the overall product development.

Nikita Parkhomenko


Nikita is responsible for overall management and strategy for the company.

Denis Larionov


Denis started his career as a network engineer before founding an e-commerce pharmaceutical startup that served as the basis for our company.

Irina Klochkova


Irina joined 7Pikes in 2012 bringing in significant experience for the diverse tasks under the banners of Payroll, Human Resources, and Accounting. She is responsible for the day-to-day accounting operations. Irina recharges her batteries reading sci-fi literature after a day full of work.

Vyacheslav Gybin


Vyacheslav's management career has seen him leading different teams from marketing to IT support. Now he leads a development team at 7Pikes.

Anton Bezdenezhnyh

Business AnalyticsQlikView

Anton has been writing financial software and managing its development for several years before getting his MBA and joining 7Pikes as a Business Analyst. His love for detailed charts is rivaled only by his love for running and climbing.