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Web development

7Pikes will partner with you to work on your web presence, delivering anything you require from a corporate website to an ecommerce platform.

With multiple individuals that surpass 10 years of experience in web development, our developers team has constantly been evaluating the latest trends on the web to deliver top class products that transform business and help to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities on the web.

We know everything about the fluid grids and the responsive design concepts as well as about the Mobile First methodology. We’ll walk the entire web site development path with you, from evaluating the idea, to launching the product.

Enterprise Application Development

At 7Pikes, we know that many organizations are in a constant state of rapid change.

Poorly done enterprise applications complicate dealing with changes instead of bringing value to the business.

Would you like to have made-to-order product able to rapidly transform and respond to new business opportunities and challenges? Our developers provide solutions that align perfectly with your business goals, corporate procedures and internal processes.

We have solid skills and deep expertise in building enterprise solutions of different scopes - the backbones of successful businesses. We realize how important security and scalability are in these backbones. Our experience in Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Business Workflow Management allows us to provide our customers with the best-practice custom solutions.

The application we build for you gets thoroughly tested so that bugs are detected and loopholes are closed. Our software quality assurance team ensures that the product we build for you is up to the mark and exceeds your quality expectations.

We perform full cycle development, from building the prototype, to setting up the infrastructure and provisioning the environment, to application deployment and technical support.

Identity and Design

Visual design of your brand is the primary tool used to build an emotional connection with your target audience. We help you to rejuvenate your brand with a fresh new image.

7Pikes provide corporate identity design services giving a face to your brand and ensuring the proper communication of ideas.

We start by studying your business, your mission, your values, and your goals. We evaluate your target audience to create an image that gets your message across loud and clear. We analyze the market and your competitors to differentiate you from your competitors.

Performing this extensive research allows us to create memorable, versatile, and appropriate corporate identity for your business.

Corporate identity is a collection of visual elements promoting the image of your company. It is the primary tool used to build an emotional connection with your target audience, the first thing your potential customers see, the way your company represents itself in the world.

A properly done corporate identity allows your target audience to instantly recognise the brand without mentioning the company’s name and enables you to communicate your message clearly by representing your business value, mission, and culture.

A successful brand creates trust between you and your customers and keeps people coming back.


Environment provisioning and infrastructure deployment.

We create environment specifically tailored to your needs, maximizing your products performance.

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