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Preventing mistakes and avoiding problems

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Complex solutions fully adjusted to your product

We resort to the risk distribution model improving test processes for the companies that are seeking to achieve high quality for their product in clear terms and with reduction of costs while having an opportunity to completely control the process at any time.

The basic components of our service

Introducing QAEnv

Cloud-based test environment

Create virtual environment and deploy your project in any state for testing, quality assurance or collaboration.

  • Total control of your test environment in the cloud.

  • Distributed infrastructure.

  • Works with various devices and application configurations.

Client Business Benefits

Measurable quality improvements

According to our data, 98% of high-priority bugs are detected in early testing. It helps to reduce the time-to-market by 15% at least

Team training

The client’s team receives our processes and thus has an opportunity to apply them to the work on other projects

Faster releases

By at least 25% by means of implementation and maintenance process automatization

Reduced infrastructure costs

By 5%-10% through using the smaller quantity of software assets

Improved efficiency

Of the whole team up to 30%

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