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Ten years of thorough knowledge

From network layer and drivers to business processes and finances.

  • Strong analytical expertise
  • Agile development and transparent project management
  • Testing team, assuring the highest quality needed for commercial software
  • Top tier poductive programmers
  • Supporting online businesses of industry leaders

Detailed reports

We make sure you get the details


QlickView Is the leading business intelligence software. We are using it to deliver the infomation about every hearbeat of your business in finest details.


We start with your idea. It can be a story, a napkin sketch or specs. Anything really.


We quickly build a prototype where we test user interaction and the key concepts.


After making sure the key elements are in place we turning it into the final product you love.



Leading Russian online pharmacy


A5 Retail

Biggest retail pharmacy chain in Russia



Regional russian pharmacy chain

Health mail ru


Online medication ordering system for the biggest Russian mail portal.

Together with


More than 30 remarkable personas from 7 countries working in one team!


We perform advisory services for our clients, studying the problems our clients are faced with and offering the solutions. We create software prototypes to evaluate selected solutions and safeguard our clients' financial and software development investments. We implement full software project lifecycle from development to deployment, software support and staff training.


Our people have always been and continue to be our most valuable resourse. Throughout the years of growth, we've learnt to create cohesive teams of skilled and motivated professionals. We invest in our people by fostering a culture of constant learning, ensuring that our professionals always stay on the edge.


Having been developing enterprise software with Ruby on Rails since 2008, we've mastered both the framework itself and the whole technological stack from Linux used on the servers to the front-end technologies HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.


Being strong proponents of the agile software development methodology, we adhere to the incremental build model. Iteration is the core of our development process. We evaluate the current state of the project, measure progress, make decisions for the next step and deliver new features to our clients on every iteration, all the while collaborating with our clients.